ELIANE RADIGUE "ELEMENTAL II" , new CD KASPER T. TOEPLITZ, solo electric bass, recorded summer 2011 "Elemental II" is the first ever piece Eliane Radigue wrote for an instrument, without any pre-recorded sounds, without the use of her ARP synthesiser. I took a very long time to convince her to do so, the piece was some two years or more in the making - discussing about the sound a mountain makes after the rain. The first recording was released just after the premiere of the piece, in 2004. In 2011, seven years later, after having played the piece more 30 times in concert, after having spend a long time with it, after having "domesticated"it, it seemed interesting to rerecord it - something very common in classical music, but almost inexistant in those "other", electronic, musics. However those musics also live, change, evolve ; the same score another point of view (distribution Metamkine)

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