Panda Bear meets The Grim Reaper


There’s a big break in the album between “Come to your senses” and “Tropic of cancer” (my favorite on this album). Is the middle of the album also the moment of the meeting with “the grim reaper”? The both sides are quite different (one very urban-tensed, frenetic, the other more contemplative, like in a dark water). You conceptualized these two parts?

Noah Lennox : The middle of the album is definitely meant as the crux and the transitional point. I was hoping that "Tropic of Cancer" and "Lonely Wanderer" would represent the area in between the old identity and the new one. As far as i’ve seen, it’s a cold and barren place. The conceptualization came after the fact. Once we had finished all the songs it was easier to try and find the story that the sequence might tell. I guess I’m trying to say I didn’t go into making the album thinking it would turn out this way. But looking at the thing now I do feel like the first part of the album represents an identity becoming disassembled to the point of psychosis. Then the latter third of the album is the reassembly.
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